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Waterfront Warehouse Meal Kits

Restaurant Quality, Premium Seafood, Prepped for Home!

Are you craving restaurant quality seafood but don’t want to leave the comfort of your home? We got you covered – the Waterfront Warehouse is offering Take Home Seafood meal kits, great for a night in of entertaining, or just to enjoy by yourself! We do the work with easy to follow instructions so you can sit back, relax and enjoy fresh seafood without hassle. Bottles of local wine are also available to complement local fare.

Featuring a range of three different Seafood Options

Fresh on the Fly and The Waterfront Warehouse have teamed up to offer three different options from the Waterfront Warehouse menu. The Waterfront Warehouse Meal Kits all come pre-packaged with all the necessary tools you will need and easy to follow instructions. Whether you are craving oysters, chowder or an amazing variety of seafood, we are sure to satisfy that craving.

  • Oysters, on your mark get set, SHUCK! – $21 / one dozen
  • Who said Chowder was a lot of work? – $45
  • King of all Seafood Experiences! – $99

Order by emailing or by calling 902-932-8585. 

A true Taste of the Maritimes

Today, authentic nautical décor evokes the energy and excitement of the seafaring age, a warm, welcoming atmosphere, perfect for digging in to an Ocean Wise-certified seafood feast with friends and family. These meal kits allow you to enjoy our fresh, delicious seafood right at your home. The Waterfront Warehouse has a commitment to special events. Regardless if you are dining in the restaurant, boasting enough floor space to accommodate 300 guests, or if you are looking to celebrate at home, the Waterfront Warehouse seafood is sure to please. Learn more about the Waterfront Warehouse here.

Oysters, on your mark get set, SHUCK! – $21 / one dozen
Who said Chowder was a lot of work? – $45
King of all Seafood Experiences! – $99

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