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Indian Take Home Family Style Meal

November 4-8, 2020

Between November 4-8, 2020 Fresh on the Fly offered an Indian Take Home Family Meal. It’s a 3 course meal for your family available every Wednesday – Sunday. This meal is suitable for four people and was only $75! Our Indian Take Home Family Meal offers delicious French dishes and flavours. This meal is available for pickup from The Arms Public House or delivery from Fresh on the Fly!

Indian Take home Family Style Meeal

This Weeks Take Home Family Style Meal Contains…

Vegetable pakora and Potato pakora with tamarind sauce

Rasam soup: tangy tomato lentil soup

Naan and paratha

Chicken tikka

Raita with cucumber, cumin & paprika

Peas Pulao

Navratan vegetable Korma

Shahi Tukra “traditional bread pudding with condensed milk, saffron, pistachio”


This Indian Take Home Family Style Meal is so delicious because of all our fresh and local ingredients!This meal is only $75 and is suitable for 4 people. There is $5 peninsula delivery only on Friday November 6th between 2-5pm. Max 10km delivery radius. Free delivery with a purchase of a bottle of wine or if more than one meal is purchased. 

This meal is available from November 4th-8th, 2020 with pickup available at The Arms at 1515 South Park Street inside the Lord Nelson Hotel – earlier pick ups can be arranged via email at

Indian Take Home Family Style Meal – About the Dishes

Vegetable pakora and Potato pakora with tamarind sauce

Pakora is is a fried snack (fritter), originating from the Indian subcontinent. It is a popular snack across the Indian subcontinent, where it is served in restaurants and sold by street vendors. Pakoras are created by choosing one or two main ingredients and are dipped in a batter often made from gram flour (chickpea / garbanzo bean flour) and are then deep-fried. 

Rasam soup

The word Rasam translates to the word ceremony and is a South Indian dish (eaten with other dishes or by itself). It is a spicy-sweet-sour stock can be eaten with rice or separately as a spicy soup. In a traditional meal, it can be part of a course that includes sambar rice and cured rice. Rasam has a distinct taste in comparison to the sambar due to its own seasoning ingredients and is fluid in consistency. For more information click HERE.

Naan and paratha

Naan is a type of flatbread, and so is paratha. Both of them can be stuffed according to the chef’s tastes. Variations of the recipe using yogurt or milk can lead to a thicker or “fluffier” product, particularly useful when the chef wants to stuff the naan. Much like pita bread, naan can be stuffed with meat, vegetables and other ingredients, creating a pocket-type sandwich. Paratha, also a bread, often gets rolled out multiple times, creating a very flaky bread. For more information click HERE.

Chicken tikka

The word tikka is a Persian word, meaning “bits” or “pieces”. It is traditionally small pieces of boneless chicken baked using skewers on a brazier called angeethi after marinating in spices and dahi (yogurt). For more information click HERE.


Raita is a condiment often consisting of dahi (yogurt, or curd) together with raw or cooked vegetables. We recommend ours with our chicken, vegetables and/or Naan & paratha! For more information click HERE.

Peas Pulao

is a rice dish or, in some regions, a wheat dish, whose recipe usually involves cooking in stock or broth, adding spices, and other ingredients such as vegetables or meat. For more information click HERE.

Navratan vegetable Korma

Navratan vegetable Korma is a creamy vegetable curry. This famous Indian dish translates to “nine-gem” curry. For more information click HERE.

Shahi Tukra

Shahi tukra is a rich, royal Mughlai dessert of fried sugar syrup coated bread topped and soaked with fragrant creamy sweet thickened milk or rabri. The word ‘shahi’ means royal and tukra means ‘a piece’ – shahi tukra translates to royal piece. For more information, click HERE.

Cooking / Reheating Instructions

Please be aware that oven temperatures and cooking times will vary by appliance. Preheat oven to 375°F for all dishes.

Rasam Soup – Pour into pot and heat until warm

Paratha & Naan (covered) – 15 minutes

Pakora (uncovered) – 15 minutes 

Peas Pulao (covered) – Sprinkle with water, 20 minutes

Chicken Tikka – 30 minutes

Vegetable Korma – 25 minutes

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